Exercise Books

A4, 30 sheets, spiral binding


all coloured


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10 and more            CHF 10.–/p


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Content of the books


The exercise books contain a practice page for each sound of the alphabet and a sheet for the numbers.


The illustrations match the themes in the films and are also representations of the initial sounds.


The writing lines are kept short intentionally, as page-long practice lines for a single letter are nerve-racking for children as well.


Teachers and other supervisors are advised on the info page (image 1) to encourage the pupil to write the upper-case and lower-case letters in the lines alternately, at irregular intervals and mixed up in words and sentences.


The empty spaces are used for supplementary elements from the handwriting instructions. 


For example, the coloured strips on the pages can be used to repeat the accompanying sentence without lines and in whatever size the pupil wishes.

(Methodological explanations and supplementary tips in the iBook Module 1, further analysis and recommendations in Module 4 «Teaching handwriting».)

Different movement templates


An expert teaching staff changes and develops every school handwriting style – not just in Switzerland – and adapts it to meet individual needs and methods.


Understandably, the production capacities of the publishers of teaching curricula have been unable to keep up with the complete and overall adaptations and further development of the handwriting techniques over the decades.


The immense costs of a sometimes only temporal change to a curriculum require appropriate guidelines – not for pedagogical reasons, naturally, but for financial ones. 

The creation and storage of exercise books with different handwriting variations would otherwise become prohibitively expensive.


This has changed with the arrival of the digital age, however.


With print-on-demand, pupils, teachers, school groups, communities and regions are given the opportunity to implement current and future everyday (writing) cultural changes in the curriculum in a contemporary and effective manner. 

The school is focused on real life and the creation of teaching materials is adjusted accordingly.

Not the other way around.


The digital documents are saved on the printer's server in different editions.

They are selected, ordered, printed and delivered to the customer.

The result is no warehouse requirements, no superfluous copies, rapid adjustments, and corrections of content with the lowest possible costs.


grafolino delivers the printed accompanying material with print-on-demand.

Quickly, flexibly, ecologically and for a reasonable price.

English e1

We like to call this font grafolino-rocca.  

It is based on the fundamental movements of the «Steinschrift» (stone script), which remains an outstanding non-cursive writing style for schools.   

The extremely simple movement elements result in clear shapes that can also be found outside of school. As a type of handwriting, it can be written quickly and is very easy to read.


We consider its movement patterns to be the universal foundation for writing in the already existing age of non-cursive scripts.

We recommend that everyone who plans to not use cursive at all or very rarely – which is very possible with the non-defined term «semi-cursive» – to begin with these basic movements.


Furthermore, the correct movement sequences for the letters – learned using grafolino – enable a smooth transition into semi-cursive or cursive writing.

The upper-case letters remain as they are, while the lower-case letters are connected.

Meanwhile, you can continue to use your previous handwriting curriculum and learn-to-read teaching materials.

English e2

We recommend grafolina-prima as an initial handwriting style if cursive writing – with connections between the lower-case letters at least – is identified as an objective and competency requirement. 


With the special ovals (leaves) of a, d, g, q, the round b and e, and the p traced in one movement, the template features movement patterns that are designed for connections. 

The upper-case letters remain the same in non-cursive and cursive writing.

M and N are started at the bottom on the left and written without lifting one's hand. 

This movement template is available in the films on the app for the entire alphabet including practice phrases.


grafolina-prima – just like all of the other movement templates displayed here – is also suitable for semi-cursive handwriting.

English e3

grafolino-sistema is most likely the movement pattern for the handwriting styles of the future.


"Newspaper a", straight l and (minimised) t with a curve.


They are taken from the Helvetica-derived alphabet, which is also used by large computer companies for their system fonts.

If you look at the top of your screen, you will normally see these symbols.


It is a given that these movement shapes also appear in books and teaching material.