iBook «Learning to Write»

iBook «Learning to write»

The iBook for Module 1 is an interactive commentary about the app and the writing notebook


  • with methodological tips for teachers and parents about

    • Working techniques for using the app with a school class
    • Working techniques for using the app with individual pupils 
    • Explanations of the fonts and letter shapes
    • Reasons for the choice of symbols and movement patterns
    • Class tasks with «my pad» or a writing pad
    • Working and design possibilities using the individual exercise book
    • Supplementary instruction possibilities in the non-digital domain
    • Warm-up and movement exercises of all sizes without a direct connection to symbol shapes
    • Using experiences with grafolino for testing and during instruction
    • Additional options for using previous teaching curricula and worksheets developed by the teacher (saves energy and money)
    • Recommendations for other good handwriting teaching material

  • Additional films in a high-definition format (for projections) such as

    • Film to determine right and left
    • Films with movement variations
    • All numbers in a continental writing style in one film
    • All numbers in an English writing style in one film
    • Topic variations, e.g. Oo using organ instead of orange
    • Supplementary teaching films


The iBook complements the digital domain and turns the writing lesson into a holistic educational experience. It will be published shortly.