my pad

A5, 60 sheets, spiral binding


1 – 9                        CHF 15.–/p


10 and more            CHF 10.–/p





«my pad» contains all of the signs that can be learned using grafolino.


The movement patterns practiced with a virtual stroke on glass can be implemented here with the same outlines as in the app but on real paper – enhancing all types of motor skills.


The directions show how you can work with the 60-page notepad.

1 & 2 for gross-motor movements with a free arm, copied directly from the attempts on the pad, possibly in a standing position. 

For the fine-motor movements, 2-3 sheets are placed in such a way as to create a comfortable writing pad (3 & 4).


The teacher may choose to remove individual movement patterns from «my pad», which is easy to do thanks to the spiral binding.


However, we would not recommend it.

grafolino teaches skills for life, not for school.